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Talking Messy is a weekly podcast devoted to everything “messy”. All of the conversations you wish you could have in polite company. We delve into relationships, sexuality, gender and gender identity, kinky behaviors, and more!

Sara (left) & George (right)

Sara Griffey, M.S., LPC-C

Sara has a Master’s degree in Clinical Counseling, but that doesn’t mean she has forgotten how to have fun! Sara primarily works with the alphabet soup population (LGBTQIA+…LMNOP!) and nontraditional relationships. She is a kink- & poly-knowledgeable provider. Sara is a member of the American Counseling Association, the Oklahoma Counseling Association, and holds many affiliations with kink and CNM organizations, both locally and nationally. 

Sara facilitates a therapeutic group for individuals in nontraditional relationships, is always looking for opportunities to speak at conferences about CNM and kink, and is currently working on her first work of nonfiction: “Is It Complicated? Challenging beliefs about nontraditional relationships”.

When not helping individuals in her community, Sara can often be found drinking coffee, giving other people’s animals all the pets, or enjoying social events around town.

If you are looking for inclusive counseling services in the Northeastern Oklahoma area, please contact Unity Tulsa, LLC

George Romero

Among other things, George has been an actor, director, and writer for over 20 years, trying her hand at everything from singing to comedy. She uses performance arts education to build confidence through creativity, collaboration, and communication skills.

George is a NoMo Sapien. She’s been ethically non-monogamous since birth, and a word nerd since she could hold a book. So, all this constantly evolving modern terminology relating to her NoMo* life has her excited to get a whole new vocabulary list to pick apart in the middle of the night when she’s wildly clicking through her electronic world.

There is a coffee spill on almost everything George owns and she can’t go more than a week without an avocado. Her cats have voices of their own and regularly give speeches to denote what they have been doing between naps. She hangs around creative people for inspiration and makes fun of the world because life is a ridiculous place to live.

* NO n- MO nogamous

Sebastian, A.K.A. Spazzy Bazzy (left) & Oliver (right)

Executive Producers of Cuteness

Since we often refer to these two handsome boys, we thought we would feature them here on the site. Aren’t they cute?!

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